Respectful Maternity Care

Research and tools designed to help understand who is receiving respectful maternity care.

Person-Centered Decision Making

Online course for health care providers and tools for depicting person-centered decision making.

Impact of Birth Place and Birth Provider Decisions

Research on the impact of provider on birth outcomes, tools for decision making, and [home birth summit].

About the Birth Place Lab

The Birth Place Lab, in the Division of Midwifery at the University of British Columbia, facilitates multi-disciplinary and community-based participatory research on high quality maternity health care across birth settings. Learn more here.


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What families tell us about their birth experiences.

One nurse, whom we otherwise really liked, made comments generalizing about people by race (e.g.,"you Asian women all tear during birth"). It wasn't done in a judgmental way but I would have preferred that she not say such things.

I was offered WIC repeatedly though I explained that I did not qualify. I believe it was because I am Latina and my partner black that we were repeatedly offered WIC.

My OB told me not to be afraid to ask him to do anything. Nothing was "too weird" he assured me he had already done it or it would help someone else. He said he would only refuse if my request was unsafe for me or my baby. He was warm and personable, I felt like he was a close friend or even a family member!!!

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