Addressing our shared responsibility to ensure equity, safety, and respect

- The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

At Birth Summit IV a multi-stakeholder group of delegates will co-create an implementation strategy for emerging evidence, tools, and models of care that can eliminate inequities, improve access, and enhance quality of care across all communities.

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Gather with us at this by-invitation only event in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the only Native American-owned hotel in downtown Santa Fe. Hotel Santa Fe offers you a relaxed yet deeply reverent immersion into the art, architecture, music and language of the Pueblo people.

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This invitation-only event will be held March 31 through April 2, 2019. Please watch your inbox for details.


Understanding the Home Birth Summits

Bringing Together The Maternity Care System

The Home Birth Summits have brought a cross-section of the maternity care system into one room to discuss improved integration of services for all women and families in the United States. In 2011, 2013, and 2014 the Home Birth Summits convened a multidisciplinary group of leaders, representing all stakeholder perspectives, to address their shared responsibility for care of women who plan home births in the United States.

Finding Common Ground

At those historic summits, these delegates (representing consumers, physicians, midwives, hospital administrators, legislators, and public health, research, ethics, payor, and liability specialists) articulated a shared vision of improving equitable access to safe, high quality maternity care across all settings. The resulting 9 Common Ground Statements describe a maternity care environment that respects a woman’s autonomy, reduces health disparities, supports cross-professional collaboration and communication, promotes physiologic birth, expands research that includes the woman in defining the elements of “safety”, and accurately assesses the effects of birth place on outcomes and experience.


Since 2011, the conference delegates have collaborated on several initiatives via multi-disciplinary Task Forces and through their home organizations:

  • The Access and Integration Maternity Care Mapping Study
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Collaboration Across Birth Settings
  • 3 new patient-designed quality measures of Autonomy (MADM), Mistreatment (PPEMP) and Respect (MORi) in maternity care
  • Dialogue and Decisions, a new interprofessional online course that teaches skills for respectful communication and person-centred decision making
  • A full journal issue on the medical ethics and conflict around choice of birth setting
  • The Birth Place Research Quality (ResQu) Index to rate rigor and credibility of research on birth settings, developed by a transdisciplinary team
  • The Giving Voice to Mothers study: community-led research examining disrespect, abuse, mistreatment or respect, resilience, and effective support in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Risk Management Across Birth Settings Course for maternity professionals
  • Implicit Bias training and expanded resources for health professional education programs
  • Studies and initiatives focused on recruitment, support, and retention of maternity providers of color
  • Increased visibility and resources on best practice models for care of historically marginalized populations (e.g., Commonsense Childbirth, Mamatoto Village, etc.)
  • A partnership with the Medicaid Innovation team
  • Several new institutional resources to support physiologic birth (e.g., BirthTools, Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing) and respectful care (e.g., Respectful Maternity Care Bundle)

People of the Summit

Find the steering council and planning committee here.

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In-person attendance at the Birth Summit IV is by invitation only. We are currently exploring options for live streaming portions of Birth Summit IV for a broader audience. Please sign up below if you would like us to keep you up-to-date on options as they become available.


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