The Future Search model for co-creation requires narrowing the focus and keeping the eye on the goals of the meeting when identifying stakeholder groups, and when nominating delegates. In this case the goals are to “address our shared responsibility to equity, safety, and respect”, and to upscale and expand access to emerging tools, models, and resources across the United States. Each delegate should have “authority, expertise, resource, need, and/or information” on this topic, and the whole system should be in the room bringing a diversity of perspectives. For Summit IV, our multi-stakeholder Steering Council and Planning Team identified 12 stakeholder groups that were essential to a strategic dialogue on implementation: consumers, community health, service providers, research, consumer advocates, health policymakers, innovative models of care, national and regional health systems experts, quality and safety, professional associations and regulators, health professional educators, hospital administration.

The delegate invitee list was then refined through multiple rounds of consultations with the Steering Council and Planning Committee members who represent all stakeholder groups. The model for co-creation requires that each group to have the same number of delegates, but the list of qualified nominees for some stakeholder groups exceeded the target group size.

If you received a save the date, but have not received an invitation yet, please keep holding open the date of the Summit. We will continue to balance the stakeholder groups and send out notices as soon as possible. Although we may not be able to accommodate all of the highly qualified individuals who were nominated, we will do our best to include as many as possible.