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Very little is known about how people experience care during pregnancy and childbirth across Canada, especially among people with various identities, circumstances and backgrounds. Differences in experiences and outcomes across communities may be linked to access to care, their individual health status, and/or how they are treated. We do not know for sure, and there is very little research that has asked community members to decide on what is most important to study and understand.


In the RESPCCT study, a diverse group of people who had recent pregnancy experiences created or chose the questions to ask. They worked with researchers and community-based organizations to develop this survey, and to reach people across Canada who want to tell their stories of pregnancy and childbearing.


Information gathered in the surveys will be used to improve childbearing care for all types of communities.

Have you experienced a pregnancy in Canada in the last ten years?

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Help us reach diverse voices: to understand how various identities, circumstances, and backgrounds impact birth, we need to hear from voices from all communities. Please help us by sharing social media with your community.

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