Giving Voice to Mothers

The Giving Voice to Mothers - US Study was a national study that examined how race, ethnicity, and place of birth interact with the experience of receiving maternity care in the United States.

Women from five communities of color, and women who planned to give birth at home or in a birth center, developed a survey with over 200 questions describing their experiences of pregnancy, birth, prenatal and newborn care. These women decided what to study, designed the questions, and recruited participants. To ensure rigor and ethical conduct in all aspects of the research, they collaborated with the Birth Place Lab team. No previous study has used a community-based participatory method to study maternity care. We believe that these voices could transform how we deliver care, and who delivers care to those most in need.

The survey questions included our own measures: Mothers on Respect Index, Mothers Autonomy and Decision Making Scale, the Mistreatment by Care Providers in Childbirth Indicators, as well as an adapted Perceptions of Racism Scale. The early results from this study have been presented at several national and international conferences. Learn more about the release, scheduled for Tuesday, June 28.

Recently released based on Giving Voice to Mothers:

Coercion and non-consent during birth and newborn care in the United States


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Giving Voice to Mothers Community Partners

The Steering Council included several community partners. The Birth Place Lab team was honored to work with them throughout the entire project. We are indebted to them and their communities for their leadership and participation.