COVID-19: Evidence-Based Information for Sharing

The Birth Place Lab is compiling resources for all stakeholders that hold shared responsibility for birthing families.

Guidance about COVID-19 is evolving. We are doing our best to keep this information as up-to-date possible. The information posted here may not reflect the latest news and guidance.  Have updates or regional guidelines to share? Please email us here with details.

Resources for Community Birth Providers

Integration of Care Across Settings

Request Best Practice Guidelines:

Interprofessional Collaboration: Community Midwives and Specialist Providers 

Transfer from Planned Home Birth to Hospital

WHO Guidelines and Instructional Videos

Based on current global evidence, related to birth PPE during CoVid-19 times:

For patients and providers

On home care for clients with mild symptoms

On the rationale allocation and use of PPE

ICM Statement on Childbearing Rights during COVID-19

Statement (English)

Statement (Español)

SRHM Webinar on COVID-19 Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Implications

Watch it here

Coordination of Care in BC

Guidelines for Clinic Management (Kat Montgomery, Pomegranate Midwives)

Visual Guide to Midwife Birth Bag: Repacking (Colleen Fulton, RM)

Visual Guide to Midwife Birth Bag: Gear & Car Prep (Colleen Fulton, RM)

Graphic of Modified Prenatal Visit schedule (Vancouver Coastal Health)

Home Birth Supplies Program (HBSP of British Columbia)

Low Tech PPE for Midwives (Tan and Pond)

Midwife of the Day Staffing Process (BCWH)

Coordination of Care in NY

Recommendations for Perinatal Care & COVID-19 Pandemic Response in New York State (Every Mother Counts)

Rights and Respect

Questions and Answers on Birth Rights During COVID-19 (Birthrights)

Principles for Protecting Civil and Political Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Freedom House)

Challenges Facing Pregnant and Birthing People During COVID-19 (Birth Rights Bar Association)

Report Mistreatment / Human Rights Violations related to COVID-19 during Pregnancy or Childbirth (Elephant Circle)

Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19 Response (Human Rights Watch)

Template of Letter to Policy Maker About Birth Rights During Covid 19 (Elephant Circle, COLOR)

Safer Together: Respectful Maternity Care during the COVID19 Pandemic (White Ribbon Alliance)

Resources for Communities

From the World Health Organization:

Find up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines at the World Health Organization here.

WHO Q&A ON COVID-19, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding

Find it here

(published 18 March 20, accessed 25 March 20)

Other WHO Resources

Common myths about spread and control

When and how to use a mask

Respectful maternal and newborn care

Province of British Columbia

Easy to use Mobile App > To check if you need testing, and how to reduce your chances of infection:

BC COVID-19 Support (App) 

Indigenous Resources

Preparedness and response to COVID-19 for Indigenous people & communities (Canada Indigenous Services)

Self Care During COVID-19 (Indigenous Learning Circle)

From Safely Fed Canada:

Find a summary of international breastfeeding guidelines here at Safely Fed Canada

COVID-19 Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Caring for Newborns: Advice for Mothers (Advisory Public Health Agency of Canada)

CHA Center for Mindfulness & Compassion

Ressources en Français

Déclaration de l'ICM sur les droits de procréer pendant Covid-19


Groupement des gynécologues obstétriciens de langue française de Belgique (GGOLFB) 

Questions réponses: coronavirus et la grossesse, informations pour la femme enceinte et sa famille:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) et grossesse