The Summit Standards for Co-Creation and Conduct

The Birth Summit Steering Council and Planning Team represent diverse populations across North America and we are committed to ensuring a productive, safe, and welcoming environment for all participants. This means that we highly value the lived experience of all participants.  Just as we seek to address our shared responsibility to ensure equity, safety, and respect for families, we assume that our deep conversations and strategic visioning will be laid on a foundation of respectful dialogue, curiosity, and the search for common ground.


To adhere to the principles of inclusion, transparency, respect, and equity throughout the Summit, we endorse and will follow the best practice guidelines for conference management as set out in the landmark report, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: A conference planning report published by OpenCon.

The Future Search structured meeting agenda is designed to ensure all voices can be heard.  We acknowledge that issues to related equity, safety, and respect mean different things to different people, and are sometimes associated with personal history of trauma. As such we request that all participants remain mindful of time, tone, and task as we work together.

If you need to confidentially report issues or concerns, you can do so in person or by email at This account will be monitored throughout the Summit. If you experience or witness behavior that violates the code of conduct at the Summit meeting or online, please submit a report to the staff by email, or by anonymous submission to the comment box which will be checked twice daily. Alternatively, you may also submit verbal reports directly to the onsite staff. In addition, all staff members present will have an identifying ribbon on their name badge, and will ensure that you are able to discuss issues in a confidential, safe location.

Organizers will make every attempt to remedy anything that may disrupt the event or create a hostile environment for participants.  Event organizers have the right to take any action to ensure that the Summit remains a safe and welcoming environment, including making requests for modifying behavior or style of communication, or rescinding of registration without refund. If required, staff can help you contact hotel security, local law enforcement, local support (services or transportation) to ensure your safety for the duration of the event.