Changing Childbirth in British Columbia

Changing Childbirth in BC was the first study in the province to focus on person centred outcomes for pregnancy and birth. In 2014, over 4000 women participated in a  survey and/or 20 focus groups, all across the province.

To design the study, our team worked with community based organizations (CBOs), and health workers that serve recent immigrants and refugees, formally incarcerated women, clients of midwives, and those experiencing housing instability. These CBO partners also helped to collect the data, to intepret the findings, and decided how to tell their stories, and who needed to hear them.

In the report, we describe their findings on preferences for care, access to care, and experiences of interactions with health care providers during pregnancy and childbirth care in BC.

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Download the executive summary here.

Full Report

Full Report

Download the full report here.

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What Happened to Me: Using Our Stories to Improve Birth in BC

A play inspired by conversations with families during a province wide study on pregnancy and childbirth in British Columbia

The Changing Childbirth in BC Study hosted a performance inspired by the thousands of stories families shared about their experiences of pregnancy and birth. Afterwards, participants joined for a Talk Back session, where they brought their own ideas on how to improve health care for parents and babies in BC.


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Changing Childbirth

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Saying No Thanks

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Declining Care

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