Birth Place and Provider

Research on the links between provider, place of birth, and health outcomes,  and tools to support collaboration.

Current projects include:

(Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute)

The development and piloting of a patient decision aid for choice of model of maternity care and place of birth for Canadian patients.

(Transforming Birth Fund)

The AIMM Study, explores the relationships between access, integration, and density of midwives in the United States with key pregnancy, birth, and newborn outcomes. Findings are now informing policy initiatives and activities at the state and regional levels. Learn more here.

(Transforming Birth Fund, Professional Organizations, sponsors)

We will convene a multi-stakeholder group of leaders to develop a strategic implementation plan for emerging evidence, tools, and models of care that can eliminate inequities, and enhance quality of care across all communities. Learn more here.

Best Practice Guidelines: Transfer from Planned Home Birth to Hospital

What are the guidelines?
These guidelines were designed to facilitate the safe and mutually respectful transfer of care from planned home birth to a hospital.

How can I apply the guidelines?
Three model transfer forms: Maternal, Infant and Nurse are available for individual practitioners and institutions to support the implementation of the guidelines.

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Best Practice Guidelines for Interprofessional Collaboration
Between Community Midwives and Specialist Providers

Why do we need Interprofessional Collaboration?
Collaborative care throughout the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods is crucial to safety in all birth settings, including hospital, birth center, and home. It improves health outcomes and meets the diverse needs and preferences of families.

Addressing the various levels of interactions between care providers from discussion, through consultation, collaboration, up to transfer of care from one provider to another. Best practices for community midwives and collaborating providers and system level requirements for collaborative care are identified.

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