Mothers on Respect Index (MORi)

Source for Original Item

Vedam, S., Stoll, K., Rubashkin, N., Martin, K., Miller-Vedam, Z., Hayes-Klein, H., & Jolicoeur, G. (2017). The Mothers on Respect (MOR) index: measuring quality, safety, and human rights in childbirth. SSM – Population Health, 3, 201–210.

To access the MORi scale including Likert response options and the Spanish version, please visit the tools section of the Birthplace webpage

Item as Included in the RESPCCT Study

Overall while making decisions with my main prenatal care provider about my pregnancy or birth care:

I felt comfortable asking questions.

I felt comfortable declining care that was offered.

I felt comfortable accepting the options for care that my doctor or midwife recommended.

I felt pushed into accepting the options my doctor or midwife suggested.

I chose the care options that I received.

My personal preferences were respected.

My cultural preferences were respected.

I felt that I had enough time during prenatal visits.

During my pregnancy, I held back from asking questions or discussing my concerns with my main prenatal care provider because:

My care provider seemed rushed.

I wanted care that differed from what my care provider recommended.

I thought my care provider might think I was being difficult.

I felt my care provider didn’t value my opinion.

I felt my care provider didn’t use language that I could understand.

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