Mothers Autonomy in Decision Making Scale

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Vedam S, Stoll K, Martin K, Rubashkin N, Partridge S, Thordarson D, et al. The Mother’s autonomy in decision making (MADM) scale: Patient-led development and psychometric testing of a new instrument to evaluate experience of maternity care. PLoS One. 2017

To access the MADM scale including Likert response options and the Spanish version, please visit the tools section of the Birthplace webpage

Item as Included in RESPCCT Study

Please describe your experiences with decision making during your PREGNANCY:

My provider asked me how involved in decision making I wanted to be.

My provider told me that there are different options for my maternity care.

My provider explained the advantages/disadvantages of the maternity care options.

My provider helped me understand all the information.

I was given enough time to thoroughly consider the different care options.

I was able to choose what I considered to be the best care options.

My provider respected my choices.

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