Doctors, midwives, nurses, or other health professionals treated you with less respect than other people.

Source for Original Item

Yelland, J. S., Sutherland, G. A., & Brown, S. J. (2012). Women’s Experience of Discrimination in Australian Perinatal Care: The Double Disadvantage of Social Adversity and Unequal Care. Birth, 39(3), 211–220.

Item as Adapted for RESPCCT Study

Because of who you are, have you:

Heard, saw, or read others joking or laughing about you (or people like you)?
Been treated as if you are unfriendly, unhelpful, or rude?
Been called names or heard/saw your identity used as an insult?
Been treated as if others are afraid of you?
Been stared or pointed at in public?
Been told that you should think, act, or look more like others?
Heard that you or people like you don’t belong?
Been asked inappropriate, offensive, overly personal questions?
Been treated as if you are less smart or capable than others?