Respectful Maternity Care

Research and tools designed to help understand how people experience perinatal services.

Birth Place and Provider

Research on the links between provider, place of birth, and health outcomes,  and tools to support collaboration.

Person-Centred Decision Making

Research, tools, and courses to support dialogue and respectful care.

Welcome to the Birth Place Lab.

The Birth Place Lab, in the Division of Midwifery at the University of British Columbia, facilitates multi-disciplinary and community-based participatory research on high quality maternity health care across birth settings. Learn more here.


Birth Place Lab honors the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We are committed to supporting Indigenous-led research on perinatal services, with the goal of improving the health of Indigenous birthing people in Canada and globally.

“The lack of data on the health of Indigenous women and adolescent girls is masking huge disparities between populations, preventing effective action to address it. Improving the health of Indigenous women and adolescent girls is achievable…. It requires States to disaggregate data by ethnicity and age, tackle discrimination, and make health centers physically, financially and culturally accessible."

- UNFPA, UN Women, United Nations

“...Such a powerful shift would promote reproductive rights aligned with Human Rights standards such as right to culture, right to health, right to security, and right to justice.  Strengthening Indigenous women’s capabilities through respect, equity, and empowerment requires the democratization, production and intergenerational transfer of reproductive health knowledge at local levels, within Indigenous communities, translated through Indigenous languages and worldviews, situated within the kinship and cultural bodies of the individual and her clan/First Nation.”

- Elder Katsi Cook, Mohawk Nation, Founder, Konon:kwe Council

Recent Projects:

Are You Listening?

Real Talk About Safe Care In Pregnancy and Childbirth

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